What if I have a family history of ischemic heart disease?

A family history of ischemic heart disease may be important in the assessment of a young individual for conditions that cause sudden cardiac death. You may be aware that 25% of the British population will die from ischemic heart disease so it’s very common for us to obtain a family history of ischemic heart disease; […]

What if I have a family history of familial hypercholesterolemia?

A family history of hypercholesterolemia is very, very important. Familial hypercholesterolemia means that an individual has a very high circulating cholesterol concentration. Cholesterol is a major risk factor for the development of atherosclerosis, by that I mean furring up of the coronary arteries. People with familial hypercholesterolemias usually have heart attacks in their twenties and […]

I have a family history of high blood pressure. Does that matter?

Hypertension or a high blood pressure is usually familial, cheap by that I mean it runs in families. If you have a parent that has high blood pressure, there’s a very high chance that that individual will develop high blood pressure. High blood pressure is an important problem because it can cause stroke, it can […]

You mention there are sometimes symptoms. How important are symptoms?

Symptoms that an individual perceives are obviously important – they may be the first clue to someone harbouring a potentially serious condition. There are several symptoms that a young individual needs to be aware of that would forewarn them that there may be a cardiac problem and these include chest pain, central chest pain described […]

If someone is overweight are they more at risk from these conditions?

Obesity predisposes to cardiac problems, it predisposes to high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiomyopathy. Obesity in itself is a separate morbid entity, it does not overlap with the genetic and congenital conditions that cause sudden death in young, apparently healthy individuals or athletes. Having said that, obesity needs to be tackled and maintenance of a […]