Support Cardiac Risk in the Young’s screening programme

Support Cardiac Risk in the Young’s screening programme

CRY has been screening in sport since 1993.
CRY is the leading provider of screening in athletes in the UK, operating services for GB athletes, Premiership rugby (union and League), Premiership football teams, Lawn Tennis Association…. Elite athletes are referred to the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology at St George’s when further tests are required.
CRY is a non profit organisation.
CRY aims to give all young people aged 14-35 the opportunity to have cardiac testing. Every person that CRY tests consents to having their results used for research purposes. Through supporting research we are able to publish our findings to inform best practice.
CRY operates a unique service combining both ECG & echo ultrasound.
At a CRY event you will have a resting ECG before a specialist goes through your medical questionnaire with you. If further tests are required (based on your ECG or symptoms), we will do an ultrasound on the same day.
CRY’s first public screening was in 1997.
Any person aged 14-35 in the UK can book to be screened. The majority of CRY’s public screening events are funded by CRY supporters or major grants so there is no fee for the person wanting to be tested.
A specialist doctor attends every screening.
These specialist are trained and supervised by Consultant Cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma, a world expert on young hearts and sports cardiology. Specialism with screening is essential whether you are an elite athlete or enjoy sport recreationally.

What is the purpose of cardiac screening?

Sometimes an individual may have a cardiac abnormality without any symptoms. Screening with an electrocardiogram (ECG) is aimed at identifying people with conditions such as heart muscles disorders or electrical faults of the heart.

Is screening just for athletes?
At CRY, we believe all young people aged 14-35 should have the opportunity to be screened. Cardiac incidents can take place at any time. They are not limited to high-intensity sport; they may occur just jogging across the park or when asleep at night. The screenings programme is not just for people who play sport.

What will happen if I am found to have a condition?
It would depend on the condition. Although many of the conditions are not ‘curable’ they are all treatable and treatments range from lifestyle adaptations to drug therapy or, in some cases, surgery.

If you are concerned or experiencing any of the below symptoms, please contact your GP.

  • chest pain, especially during exercise.
  • loss of consciousness.
  • breathlessness.
  • dizziness.
  • heart palpitations or fluttering feeling.
  • unexplained fainting, especially during exercise.

If you pass out with no warning (i.e. you collapse and do not protect yourself by putting out your hands) please contact CRY prior to your GP appointment.

Event Venue Date
Leatherhead, Surrey CRY’s National Screening Centre
  • 05/12/2021
Fully Booked
Eltham - London Blackheath Rugby Club
  • 05/12/2021
Fully Booked
Manchester, Greater Manchester Manchester Institute of Health and Performance
  • 15/01/2022
Fully Booked
Manchester, Greater Manchester Manchester Institute of Health and Performance
  • 16/01/2022
Fully Booked
Manchester, Greater Manchester Manchester Institute of Health and Performance
  • 19/01/2022
Fully Booked
Garstang, Lancashire Garstang Community Academy
  • 05/02/2022
Fully Booked

If the screening event you would have liked to have booked into is full, CRY has a screening interest email. Complete the form, to request to be informed directly via email when another screening in your area becomes available. Click here to complete the form.

What happens during an ECG

What happens during an ECHO test

CRY holds ECG screening clinics for those aged 14 to 35 at a number of established locations around the UK including London.  The CRY mobile screening unit facilitates various screening events at other locations in the UK – often organised by CRY supporters.

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