Does playing sport cause sudden cardiac death?

There is a relationship between sudden cardiac death and sport. However it is important to emphasise that sport is good for the heart. Sport reduces the risk of high blood pressure, it improves cholesterol levels and generally, it reduces the risk of someone dying from a cardiac problem. Indeed people who play sport on a […]

How important is expertise?

Expertise is extremely important, in fact expertise is the crux of our screening programme – without expertise, one opens themselves up to litigation. The conditions that we’re dealing with are rare, one considers that the prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is one in 500, the prevalence of ARVC is one in 1000, the prevalence of Brugada […]

What is SADS?

SADS stands for Sudden Arrhythmic Death and this is part of sudden cardiac death. However, SADS is defined as a sudden death whereby subsequent post mortem analysis and a toxicology screen fails to identify any obvious cause. In our experience, almost all of these conditions are due to an electrical fault that cannot be picked […]

What is sudden cardiac death?

Sudden cardiac death can be simply defined as a sudden death from a cardiac problem within 12 hours of witnessed normal health.