If something is found, how will this affect insurance or mortgages?

The impact of cardiac disease on insurance or mortgage is entirely dependent on the type of cardiac abnormalities. The identification of a cardiomyopathy or an ion channel disorder is serious because these conditions can shorten life span and will almost certainly have an important impact on insurance premiums. Most insurance companies would not be keen […]

Will my doctor be kept informed?

We screen several thousand young individuals per year and our current practice is to inform the individuals screened, or his or her parents if they’re aged under 16, about the test that was performed and the result. 96% of people that are screened have nothing to worry about and are reassured and this is put […]

Will I have to stop playing sport?

The question about whether an individual can continue to play sport after a screening depends on what we identify. If a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy or an ion channel disorder is made then, based on the European Society of Sport Cardiology and the American Bethesda Guidelines, we would recommend that that individual does not perform any […]

Is every condition you find curable?

Most conditions that cause sudden cardiac death in young individuals are not curable. However, we can identify individuals who are likely to die and reduce the risk of sudden death. Many of these conditions also cause symptoms that can be debilitating and these symptoms can be treated with drug treatment such as beta blockers. There […]

What will happen if I am found to have a condition?

If a condition is identified at the CRY screening programme, the individual will be referred to a cardiologist that has experience in managing conditions that cause sudden death in the young or managing individuals who play a lot of sport. The aim would be to treat the symptoms if there are symptoms; to identify individuals […]